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Welcome to AT-3

Aero AT ltd. company was founded in 1994 with the mission to bring to the market inexpensive and low running cost
two seat aircraft for basic training and tourism. Aero gather under the company wings not only civil aviation enthusiasts but also leading
aviation professionals with years of design, manufacturing and certification experience. The result of this blend is the only VLA class all metal plane on the market today designed and manufactured with “big aviation” know how and experience.

AT-3 is one of few all metal aeroplanes certified by EASA in the VLA (Very Light Aeroplane) category. The aeroplane was designed as the affordable basic trainer with superb aerodynamics high performance, good handling and exceptional flight characteristics. AT-3 is low wing airplane equipped with the 912S Rotax engine with side-by-side cockpit and dual controls. In 1997 the two prototypes of AT-3 were built; - first designated for the full spectrum of in flight tests, the second for the static tests. The prototype of AT-3 has flown over 2000 hours in basic training missions. All flight data, pilotage and strength characteristics were checked in the tests during full scale certification process according to European joint aviation regulations (part JAR-VLA). In January 2005 the aero AT-3 R100 has received its EASA type certificate. The VLA certificate is going to be shortly validated by the FAA. The LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) version is named AT-4. The AT aircrafts production is located in Mielec(EPML) - Poland.
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